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TwinningEnlarge the pictureAs well as the "historic" twinning with the towns of Lewes (GB) and Waldshut-Tiengen (D), more recently Blois also became twinned with the town of Weimar (D).

The two associations that run the twinning operations, the Twinning Committee for the first two and the Blois-Weimar association, organise activities such as school exchanges, trips to get to know each other, exhibitions, concert trips, plays, and help to find summer jobs… They are also involved in the city's big events, like the Carnival, the Historical Rendezvous

The City of Blois is also twinned with Sighishoara in Romania.

In addition, Blois and the city of Urbino in Italy signed a friendship treaty in 1999, following which the Dante Alighieri association has implemented a number of actions, like Italian cinema week, language and cookery courses…

The same formula applies to the city of Cacerès in Spain, with which a friendship treaty was signed in June 2009. In November, this treaty led to a meeting between the Cacerès Youth Council and the City of Blois Education authorities, and a cultural exchange trip based on choral singing during the 2010 Lyres d’Été festival.

Cooperation deals

As regards cooperation, in 2007 the city of Blois forged a partnership with the city of Hué in Vietnam concerning measures to enhance the urban heritage, public lighting, parks and gardens, games areas for children and the prevention of river floods. Every year the city of Blois helps students from Hué to gain entry to the Val de Loire École Nationale d’Ingénieurs (engineering college).

A project is also being examined for Blois to begin the process of closer cooperation with a town in the Meknés-Tafilalet region of Morocco, as the Centre Regional Council has already concluded a cooperation agreement with the region.


GermanyEnlarge the pictureNumber of inhabitants: 25,000
Distance: 684 km
Twinning date: 30th June 1963
Blois Twinning Committee:
1, Place de la Grève, 41000 BLOIS
Tel.: +33 (0)2 54 78 24 36


WEIMAR (Germany)

GermanyEnlarge the pictureNumber of inhabitants : 62,000
Distance: 1,040 km
Twinning date: 18th February 1995
Blois Twinning Committee:
Association BLOIS - WEIMAR
1, Place de la Grève, 41000 BLOIS
Tel.: +33 (0)6 86 27 46 84




LEWES (England)

EnglandEnlarge the picture

Number of inhabitants: 15,000
Distance: 511 km
Twinning date: 30th June 1963
Blois Twinning Committee:
1, Place de la Grève, 41000 BLOIS.
Tel.: +33 (0)2 54 78 24 36


RomaniaEnlarge the pictureNumber of inhabitants :36,500
Distance: 2,235 km
Twinning date : 18th November 1995
Blois Twinning Committee :
18 rue de la Taille aux moines, 41000 BLOIS



URBINO (Italy)

ItalyEnlarge the pictureNumber of inhabitants: 60,000
Distance: 1,265 km
Twinning date: 1st May 2003
Blois Twinning Committee:
French-Italian association “DANTE ALIGHIERI”

CÁCERES (Espagne)

Number of inhabitants: 90,802Drapeau espagnol
Distance: 1,303 km
Twinning date: June 2009


HUÉ (Vietnam)

Number of inhabitants: 340,000Drapeau vietnamien
Distance: 10,000 km
Twinnind date: May 2007

Ville de Blois - Hôtel de Ville - 9 place Saint Louis - 41000 Blois Tél. 02 54 44 50 50 Fax. 02 54 74 23 69