La ville de Blois vous en dit plus

Val de Loire
  • Blois

    City of art and history, Blois is guaranted to surprise you

  • Royal château

    A panorama of French architecture, the royal château is the door Way to the Loire Valley

  • The Loire

    A UNESCO world heritage site, the royal river invites you to Blois

  • House of Magic

    Welcome to a universe of the illusion and magical arts. A unique site in Europe!

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Chinese film festival & Italian film festival

"Cap sur la Chine", itinerant Chinese film festival

Paris is not the only city to show Chinese films, and so much the better!

"Cap sur la Chine" is the first itinerant film festival in France, allowing small and medium-sized French towns to benefit from a rich, well-targeted, exceptional programme. Formed in 2007 by Cap'Cinéma, the aim is to create a cultural link between France and the countries on the Asian continent and reach a wide public.

The festival occurs every year, based on different themes. On the agenda are meetings with actors (SUN Liang, ZHOU Xianxin), a director (JIANG Haiyang) and producer (HAN Kaicheng), workshops linked to Chinese culture, conferences.

The rich programme is a must for all fans of the cinema, China and its cultures!

Italian film festival

Every year, in accordance with a friendly partnership between the Association Culturelle Franco-Italienne Dante Alighieri and Ciné’Fil, in agreement with Les Lobis cinema, a selection of 4 or 5 Italian films are screened over a week. Some are from the great era of Italian films, while others are the work of present-day directors and give an insight into contemporary Italy.

In order to give those interested a chance to find a showing that suits them, each film has about 4 screenings at different times.

The weekend sessions are generally enhanced by an overview from a compere specialising in Italian civilisation or cinema.

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