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    City of art and history, Blois is guaranted to surprise you

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    A panorama of French architecture, the royal château is the door Way to the Loire Valley

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    A UNESCO world heritage site, the royal river invites you to Blois

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    Welcome to a universe of the illusion and magical arts. A unique site in Europe!

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The Château Royal de Blois, residence of the French kings and queens

The Château Royal de BloisEnlarge the picture Photo J.P. ThibaudAn absolute must for visitors to the Val de Loire, the Château Royal de Blois presents a perfect panorama of the architecture and history of the Loire châteaux.

The home of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, the Château Royal de Blois evokes the power and daily life of the Court in the Renaissance, evident in the royal apartments, furnished and adorned with magnificent polychromatic decors.

With four wings of differing styles, its architectural richness echoes the diversity of the many châteaux built in the Val de Loire, from the Middle Ages to the 16th century. The States-General room is the largest early 13th century Gothic civil room to be seen in France. The château was at the height of its power during the first half of the 16th century, in the sumptuous reigns of Louis XII and François 1er, who rebuilt the château in Renaissance style. The François 1er wing, especially its famous spiral staircase, is definitely the most famous part of the château, while the Gaston d’Orléans wing, designed circa 1635 by François Mansart, is a masterpiece of French architecture.

Starting in the 60s, numerous films or TV series were shot in the prestigious setting of the Château de Blois. "The execution of the Duc de Guise" in 1971 is a key example, as this was the most famous event in the château's history: his assassination was ordered on 23rd November 1588 by King Henri III, his political rival, in the Blois States-General.

With the Musée de France imprimatur, and containing a wealth of over 35,000 works, the Château Royal de Blois displays some of its collections in the royal apartments in the François 1er wing, in the Musée des Beaux-Arts installed in the Louis XII wing, and during temporary exhibitions.

Son et lumière, “Ainsi Blois vous est conté” (The story of Blois is told)

The story of Blois is toldTake your seats in the thick of the action! A festival of special sound effects and giant images that follow the curves of the grandiose architecture in the Château courtyard. The voices of Robert Hossein, Pierre Arditi, Fabrice Lucchini, following a text written by Alain Decaux, relate the loves, dramas and mysteries of the Château that helped fashion the history of France. A unique and unforgettable show !

Fencing and ancient music

During the summer, the Château courtyard rings to the sound of fencing skirmishes: duellists and swordsmen confront one another, bringing the age of duelling to life, a blend of theatre, fighting and ancient music.


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The Château Royal de Blois

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